COVID-19 has further exposed how the global response to health crises is failing us again and again. Driven by pharma monopolies and their pursuit of endless profits, it favours the lives of the most privileged.

We demand a complete system change.

No more survival of the richest.

We're taking this message to the streets of New York as world leaders meet for the UN General Assembly.

Will you help us take it to windows, streets and buildings in every corner of the world?

About the campaign

The global response to pandemics is riddled with inequalities – with monstruous pharma profits prioritised over human lives.

It doesn‘t have to be this way, and we’re fighting for change. Learn more about our campaign to demand that world leaders #EndPharmaMonopolies

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The People’s Vaccine Alliance is a global movement of organisations, world leaders and activists united under a common aim of campaigning for a ‘people’s vaccine’ for COVID-19 that is based on shared knowledge and is freely available to everyone everywhere.

We collaborate with and amplify the work of over 100 organisations and have the support of over 14 million activists worldwide. Our work includes a push for equitable access to diagnostics and treatments, holding world leaders and the pharmaceutical industry to account and encouraging the sharing of lifesaving technology.

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